Tuesday, August 5, 2008

:: Aku DaN ManiFesTo HarGa MinyaK ::

Vanue : AMF
Time : 9.15pm
Date : 24/07/08
Time given : 7 minutes

Assalamualaikum Wbt.
Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alamin ......(ila akhir)


Ladies n gentlemen,
Tonight insyaAllah we are going to discuss something that I guess very interesting, that is "Oil price hike: change our lifestyle"

before I proceed, I would like to clarify that I'm neither opposing the
government nor supporting the pakatan rakyat, because I'm plaaaaaain... :)

And, this speech is being focused on each and every individual in this country..
Thus, to make my speech very brief, i simplify it into three major points :

First - we ought to be more thrifty
Second - We have to be more generous
third - we should learn to sacrifice

Move on to my first point..As the oil price extremely inreased, from rm1.97 to rm2.70 per liter for petrol, it signals us that we can't longer maintain our unscropulous attitude, because the amount of fuel is limited and we should be more thrifty and know how to spend wisely...this is not just only for our self-beneficial .. but this is for the sake of the next generation...To picturise it, i come out with a theory named "Energy conservation Theory"....okay!

supposed there are 50 000 of fuel's users in Malaysia, including all the motorcyclists, those who used vans, boats, cars and so on....if each and every user can save 1 liter petrol per day, meaning here that they dont used the petrol for unnecessary purpose for exmple to just speeding the car unintentionally , the 50 000 users can save up 50 000 liters of fuel per day...by one year, we can save up to 18250000 liters and by 10 years we can save up to 182500000 liters...... many people could benefit themselves from the change of our life style....

minyak oh minyak! minyak oh minyak!
Ladies and gentlemen, my second point says that we should be more generous, when the fuel price inrease tremendously, many people were affected, and the worst group is the poor people...The rich and the moderate people feel that their life become more difficult as the fuel price boomed. however, do we ever notice that the poor are facing all these dificulties every day, before the hike of oil price or after that...thus, bear in our mind...that if we feel it's dificult to survive with the high oil price...what about the poor.???...can u imagine how's their condition...Thus, we should be more generous, lend out ur money to them, help them, pay zakat and never let stingyness control u...

and My third point is, we should know how to sacrife. (Ting!!!! the bell has rang -alamak lagi seminit lagi)Ladies and gentlemen , i categorize our citizen into three groups, the rich, the moderate or average and lastly the poor.... Everyone has to sacrifice, the rich have to avoid enjoying so much, think of the other people difficulties and lend their hand on them, while the average people need to maintain and do budget for their expenditure to avoid any waste, and for the poor, be patient and work harder to make end meet...

In Conclusion...i would like to emphasize that each and every individul must change their life style where they have to be more thrifty, generous and learn how to sacrife...with that i end

Wabillahi Taufiq (ila akhir)
Wasalamualaikum wbt....

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