Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aku Ingin Bertemu Walau Hanya Dalam Mimpi :)

It happened almost one year ago, 24/3/08 if i'm not mistaken,forgetting them was just not as easy to know them..they are all mujahidaat of the future..

Place : Pesantren Modern Babun Najah

Name of facilitators : Ahmad Syahid b. Ibrahim & Nur Aini

Name of “ Lucky children” : Rosmanida, Rhaudah. M, Raudhah. A, Vonna, Rani, Nordinie .(All of them are 8 girls)


This was the first module that was put on them, the first problem that could be seen was difference in language, it was abit difficult in explaining the task to the children. However, during that morning, we were lucky as a member of PEMA committee was around and she managed to help us in explaining the instructions..We( facilitators) were first, introduce our selves to the children, next we asked thgem to bring out a piece of paper that provided in their file for them to write down their ‘ interest name’ or ‘glamour name’. They finished doing so in 8 minutes and we exchange their paper between 8 of them. Before giving back the paper to them, we did chop the paper first, however some of them got their own paper. Hurm..that was not a big problem, we then immediately exchange the paper again with their friends. Then, they were instructed to find the owner of the paper and get 5 peculiar things from the owner..after that they had to tell everybody the odd things about their friends…Alhamdulillah, they were all glad to present about their friends and we believe the ukhuwwah between the members of the groups had been established and the ‘ice’ was broken…..Mission accomplished..


This module was done immediately right after taaruf module…The children could easilt\y understand our instruction that were, draw your own flag, create your motto and find the name of your group…Finally,” Syuhada’” group with a motto “ Perjuangan untuk masa depan” evolved. From our observation, they were very good in Arabic language..their spirit of ‘ berjuang” was very tremendous. While colourung and shaping the logo, they were very cooperative among each others, and the only problem that could be detected was they couldn’t spell word in ‘ JAWI’ correctly, huh..we happy..they happy..we took 5 minutes extra from the time given by the committee …After that, they were asked to explain things that had been plotted on their flag…they clarified that….

Green- islam

Red – brave

Sword – jihad

Perisai – Defense

From their clarification, we further explain that, jihad is not only means fighting against kuffar at field , seeking knowledge is also jihad, people that die while searching for ‘ilmu’ can also be considered as syahid ( syahid sughra)….As they described perisai as their defense, we opened up their mind that by having knowledge, they actually can defense them selves from being mislead by enemies. Then, it was a pleasant moment to be told by them that

Well, ALHAMDULILLAH… Mission accomplished..


Huh…next we proceed with a module named ‘mind mapping’. “Siapa di sini pernah dengar tentang mind mapping”, the starting sentence came out from aini’s throat…well, none of them know. Hence, we divided them into two groups…a and b…They were given an options to choose their topic, the options were hujan, cahaya, pokok bla bla x ingat…Finally, a group chose ‘cahaya’ and the other one chose ‘air’ beginning both groups seemed blur to start..but after they were given examples, the blurring thing was so good that they could relate the topic with religion, science, art and so on…they could explain how photosynthesis occur, how cloud and rain form….they also justified all the creation as Allah’s power…Next, both group were asked to present their topic, even though some of the members were a bit shy, at last, their explanation was really attractive..during mark giving session, both team were given same mark..both were the winning team. We do this to comfort and make them felt that their hard work was not nothing, instead, it worth a very valuable work. Finally, we conclude this module as a practicable skill especially in class and during revision…..Setlle!!!!!!


We took a 5 minutes break before we proceed with the next module that is critical thinking or debate. Those kids seemed tired..huh..who cares, their spirit were still circulating vigorously..We have to proceed..we divided them into 4 groups, each group contains 2 person. Now, we give them a topic “ lelaki mana lebih handsome? Gemuk , kurus, tinggi, rendah” where each group get one of the 4 characteristic..they were given 10 minutes to find the supporting point of their characteristic..they were told to defense their stand..ops..their respond were not good…they seemed quite and shy, even bro Mahmudi (PEMA) was trying to burn them up..maybe topic was a bit sensitive to them ( they were all girls)..only a child name Vonna a bit loud, the rest just read and voice out their opinion slowly…okay it was fine..At last..we did the conclusion for them that “berjuang”is not a simple thing, so we must courage enough to defense our idealism…chaiyok..Takbir!!!


Now we are trying to test their psychology, we provided them with an egg, ten straws, aplastic bag and a piece of paper..what should they do was, decorate or modify the egg with all the things provided so that they could throw the egg as far as they could without breaking it..before they started working, Aini had given them clues on how to fly the rocket concept, aeroplane, airborne and absorbtion concept. Finally, the were able to finished creating their own “ technological egg” in around 15 minutes..itlooked like a rocket…Next..time to fly the egg and prove the ability of their invention..1,2,3 throw….zass…it fly so high and ops…it broke…..

As it was so hot ans zuhr prayer was around the corner, second trial cannot be done..we didn’t conclude this module right after the programme..however the conclusion was done after LS1-english…..”siapa kita? Syuhada!! x 2 mana takbirnya? Allahuakbar!!!”


This module was some sort like exlorace..lerning with fun concept maybe…the group “ Syuhada” was led by Abg Syahid..huhu..Each group was equipped by an advance dictionary..the children were beginners, thus when they try to find the meaning of the word, they found more complicated sentence..hence, for them, they found nothing, however, we had explained to them that , the long sentences indicates the description of the word..moreover, based on our observation, they have good basic English knowledge, good English basic vocabulary and understanding. They could finished the seven checkpoints very quickly, from meaning of sentences checkpoints, dictionary usage, tongue twister, idioms, words arrangement, word shaping and electronic dictionary, not much problems encountered….The main problem was, they were unable to find meaning using the advance dictionary..ops…we were the winner…1st place…

Kids..good job..


Yeah..such a good module for us … we like to teach them math…The questions were slightly tricky, and unfortunately, facilitators couldn’t remember the formulae to help the kids solving the questions..huhu..However the kids were very good, they try hard to solve the questions even though some of them were almost gave up before having a taste on the questions….Thanks Aini, she did a very good job as she motivate them not to give up before trying, mind setting is very important, think that you can!! result…yes they could do it.

The problems involved were, unable to understand the terms used, such as prime number, common multiple and so on, but they don’t have problems on operations ( +, -, x, / )…They also don’t know the rules of a round take internal degree of 360, half of it take 180 degree….But it was fine ..the children were seriously good in using common sense…Try Hard……………..

If i meet all of you again, I should be shocked and proud of how good are all of you "Santri-santri Syuhada"

Allahu yubarik 'alaikum

(the pictures were combination of several venues)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pemuda-Pemudi Harapan Umat

Wahai Pemuda Harapan Umat
Juga Pemudi Kuntum Melati

Bekerja-bekerjalah Sebelum Terlambat
Tabur-taburkanlah Jasa Sebelum Mati

Jika Ayah Bonda Telah Pergi
Kamulah Pembela Agama dan Bangsa

Menjadi Bintang di Malam Hari
Menjadi Pagar Sepanjang Masa

Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar
Allah Allahu Akbar!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Jangan kau buat begitu

Wahai sekalian pembaca :)
seringkali kita dipesan-pesan dengan pesanan-pesanan yang sebenarnya sangat penting tetapi diabaikan atau diambil ringan oleh kita, maklumlah level kita dah tinggi, pesanan-pesanan remeh macam ni manalah layak dengan taraf kita..huhu

siapa yang tidak tahu kita dituntut untuk membaca doa sebelum masuk dan keluar dari tandas, kita dilarang tidur meniarap, kita juga di ajar untuk masuk ke tandas dengan kaki kiri dan keluar dengan kaki kanan dan banyak lagi ...

hurm..jom kita lihat apakah pesan Nabi Muhammd pada kita:

1) Jangan tidur meniarap
  • Dalam satu hadis riwayat ibnu Abbas, dimana Rasulullah bertanyan pada iblis laknatullah : Hai Iblis! Siapakah saudara engkau?”Jawab Iblis - “Orang yang tidur meniarap, orang yang matanya celik di waktu subuh tetapi menyambung tidur semula. Lalu hamba ulit dia lena hingga terbit fajar. Demikian jua pada waktu zohor, asar, maghrib dan isyak, hamba beratkan hatinya untuk solat”
  • Abu Hurairah r.a telah meriwayatkan hadis dari Rasulullah s.a.w . Baginda melihat seorang lelaki meniarap. Lalu baginda bersabda: Maksudnya: “Sesungguhnya ini adalah cara baring yang dimurkai oleh Allah dan Rasulnya.” (Hr Tirimizi dan Ahmad-hasan lighairihi) ,Abu Umamah r.a berkata: Nabi s.a.w lalu dekat seorang lelaki yang tidur meniarap di Masjid. Lalu baginda memukulnya dengan kakinya dan berkata: Maksudnya: “Bangunlah kamu dari tidur dan duduklah sesungguhnya ini adalah cara tidur ahli neraka jahannam.” (Hr Ibnu Majah)

2) Jangan malas baca doa sebelum masuk tandas

  • Dalam hadis yang sama, Rasulullah bertanya lagi , "Apakah rahsia engkau kepada umatku?”Jawab Iblis - Jika seorang Islam pergi buang air besar serta tidak membaca doa pelindung syaitan, maka hamba gosok gosokkan najisnya sendiri ke badannya tanpa dia sedari”

3) Ikut sunnah Rasulullah, jangan malas-malas nak beramal dengan yang ini

  • Rasulullah juga bertanya, “Siapakah orang yang paling engkau lebih suka?”Jawab Iblis - “Lelaki dan perempuan yang tidak mencukur atau mencabut bulu ketiak atau bulu ari-ari(bulu kemaluan) selama 40 hari. Di situ lah hamba mengecilkan diri, bersarang, bergantung, berbuai seperti pijat pada bulu itu”

4) Jangan menguap tapi tak tutup mulut, kadang-kadang depan orang kita selalu je tutup , tetapi bila berseorangan, wah bukan main besar lagi nganga mulut..apa pulak dengan yang ini

  • Dari Abu Hurairah r.a katanya Rasulullah s.a.w telah bersabda: Menguap (dengan mulut terbuka luas) merupakan gangguan dari syaitan. Apabila ada di antara kamu yang menguap maka hendaklah dia menutup mulutnya mengikut kemampuan.[Riwayat Muslim]
  • menguap itu satu tingkahlaku yang tidak beradab/baik. Bahkan dibenci Allah. Oleh yang demikian, seseorang itu hendaklah cuba sedaya upaya untuk tidak menguap. Cubalah sedaya upaya untuk merapatkan mulut ketika menguap sedapat yang mungkin. Sekiranya perlu, tutuplah mulut dengan tangan. Dan juga janganlah menghasilkan sebarang suara ketika menguap itu.

Setakat itu dahulu, semoga dapat istiqamah dengan amalan-amalan di atas disamping amalan-amalan lain :)